Ultra Leather Protect 150ml

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£ 20.00 

The most effective protection system on the market.

Long lasting and Very easy to use, one quick spray and buff, job done as easy as that.

Protect your investment






Aniline Leather

  • stains from oil & water based spillages
  • stains and damage from body oils
  • Damage from dirt and abrasion
  • fading from UV ligh

Protected Leather

  • Damage from dirt and abrasion
  • Fading rom UV light
  • Dye transfer from clothing and newspapers etc.


Whether in your home or car cleaning is an essential part of caring for your leather

Cleaning not only removes dirt and oil which breaksdown the protective coating over time, but also helpd to maintain its condition and moisture balance within your leather.

it is important to keep for keeping your leather soft, supple and makes it less likely to absorb spillages.
Dirt and body oils that are allowed to remain on the leather surface for prolonged periods are the main cause of damage to leather.  The best way to ensure your leather remains in first class condition is to ensure that it remains clean.

The easiest way to do this is to use a good quality protection product like Lincs repair's Ultra Leather Protection and clean on a regular basis with Lazy Leather or Aniline Leather Cleaner


Ultimate Leather Cleaner

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£ 15.00 

The Most effective cleaning system available



and protects


for everyday use, and mantenance cleans


For Ever Leather

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£ 14.99 

For hard dried out leather.

if yiu leather had turned hard and cardboard like, then For Ever Leather is for you, very easy to use, just a quick spray ad massage into leather. it will bring back thta soft feelling again...