Handbag repair...... as easy as  1 ,   2 ,  3,

1.  Email a picture of your handbag detailing the problem / s...we will then let you know if it looks           repairable.

2.  We can then send you a postage label,  (Terms and conditions apply).

     so all you have to do is wrap your bag up nice and  safe, attach the label, and away it goes...
          (subject to a full onsite assessment, if this shows that a repair is not possible. your bag will be returned to you)

3.  Once completed, we'll email a series of pictures for you to peruse...and confirm your acceptance..

     Then wait for the courier to bring your handbag home......

Mulberry handbag in need of a little tlc

Piping badly damaged and the bags finish coat and in some places the actual epidermis was dry damaged and very tired.

New zip for an Ostrich hide handbag

Mulberry handbag

This Mulberry handbag needed a new zip and several inches utting off the handles as they were just too long

Michael Korrs bag

A new YKK zip fitted....

Handbag shoulder strap repair

We managed to make a saving for this client, by repairing rather then replacing the strap......

Asprey hair on hide handbag

New zip fitted

Leather brief case in for repairs

This case had  a rip to the lining within the inner pocket.....

broken combination lock.....

and was looking very much worse for wear........

 2 Antique Lizard skin bags

In for handle repair and restoration,

Some of the lizard skin was beyond hope, so we saved as much as we could and inserted it into the new leather handle, and reattached to the bag,

We then cleaned both bags and restored the leather back to its former glory.

Now they are good a for a good many years to come

 Louis Vuitton handle replacement

How we made a simple hand made handle from leather.....

 Purdy cartridge case restoration

in for the annual clean and restoration......

 Briefcase shoulder strap pad

needed new suede base 

 An heirloom circa 1920 purse originally  belonging to the clients great grandmother

when we work on antique leather,

We never look to restore, our aim is to bring it back to a useable state, or at least to preserve the item and help it look a little more loved.......

 Old Gucci purse

we normally refuse t work on these types of handbag and purses, because they often end up going brittle, so attempting simple repairs can cause more damage. fortunately this time we was lucky

 Gucci handle broken

we were asked to remove the small broken handle and make a new longer strap, and to restore the bag itself.  as usual we said we promise to do our best......

 We made an Asthma case

we don't make much in the way of new things as we don't normally get the spare the to do it.

but we was asked and I quite fancied the idea of having a go, and this is what we came up with...

 The effects of body oil contamination on a handbag strap

Here's how we dealt with it

 Givenchi handle repairs

This handle ripped and pulled out of the fixings, so new ones were cut from a Leather hide and new handles made, similar to the original ones,

one happy owner

 Gucci handbag repairs

the owner of this bag was walking down the high street when a toerag tried to snatch herbag from her.....! She piut up a courageous fingth and fought him off, he fled empty handed.

Unfortunately the handles on the bag both snapped during he fight.

so below is how we made new handles for her.......

 Reptile handbag

We often get in old bags made from exotic skins such as snake, alligator and crocodile like this one.

The handle had disintegrated, so to try and save as much of the original hide as possible we dismantled the old damaged handle, removed what was left of the good skin and made anew handle with it along with some quality bovine hide. this one is almost finished.

 Hermes handbag repair

I forgot to take a picture of the broken and worn clasps... Doh!

We can't supply designer own stamped hardware, but when needed we will source a similar piece, so your bag can be used again.

here is a picture of the new hardware already sewn onto the strap, so this bag is now back with it's owner and being used as it should be

 Radley handbag repair

This bags center pocket had ripped  open at the bottom. unfortunately the pocket was sewn to the bottom of the bag, making it very difficult to replace as original, so we removed the pocket and added a strip of leather to the bottom of the bag making it a free floating pocket... everyone happy

 Handbag lining replacement

We see this regularly, the original lining had a plastic coating and this disintegrates and turns into a sticky mess, only option is replacement, and hoping not too much of the  sticky gunk sticks to and ruins the leathers finish. lucky we was able to clean this one, so no further work needed, happy owner

 Handbag Restoration

what can I say...... old and worn leather handbag but not for long

 Shoulder strap alterations

This bag was sent in because the leather shoulder strap was too short, so we cut a new strap from quality leather full crust leather, added matching hardware and  gave the bag back to one very happy client

 Diesel bag

This bag had a  problem with the zip pulling away from the bag and quite a bit of wear and tear.

but not for long

 Printed Radley handbag handle repair

This handle ripped along the sew line.

a new handle was cut from quality full crust leather. prepared, finished and sewn onto the bag....

 making new straps

This bag is new and bought from the shop without a shoulder strap, the remit,  the strap has to be in keeping with the bag.

we can only try... the client was over the moon.... happy days

 Riding boot repair

We normally leave foot wear to the cobblers, but a friend asked for help. her dog ate the top of one of her very expensive riding boots.

Hmm, what to do..?  best option is for a cobbler to replace the damaged panel, but this woud of meant almost the whole boot being replaced.

We decided, rightly or wrongly the easiest and cheapest repair was to attach and sew another peiece of leather around the tops on both boots.

Everyone happy

 Valentino handbag repair

Unfortunately carrying the contents of 3 bed semi including the kitchen sink in your handbag, causes a lot of damage,

so how do we repair this..?

apply a  strengthening patch behind the rip, make new strap hoops, then sew both hoops and attached leather plate to bag... ready to carry again, except the sink.... everyone happy

 Handbag repairs

Here we have a Vivienne Westward handbag unfortunately the patent leather handle is a little worse for wear, much to the owners delight we made a new one.

Mulberry Leather purse repair


 Mulberry Purse repair


 Handbag repairs

Here we have a very nice Paul Smith brushed Nubuck leather bag, unfortunately it has suffered dark shadows and stains from pen ink. 

with this type of leather if the stains are too deep, the often will not come out and oyu can only hope on limited success,

fortunately we managed to rid nearly all the stains

 Handbag repair

A guess bag in for a new zip

 Handbag repair

A Balenciaga Paris, we were asked to replace handles with same as they were falling apart, so made some new ones, and fitted.

I don't mind saying these were a right pain to make, good job I like a challenge....

 Burberry handbag

Badly worn and torn, asked to see if I can repair and or hide the damage around the top.......

 Chanel lining

we've seen a lot of problems like this.....

the lining has disintegrated.....

so we've made a new one....

 Miu Miu

The leather on the handles had unfortunately started to rot.

which leaves us with only one route for it, we'll have to make new handles......

I've never made ones like this before, but quite happy with how they came out...

 Gucci Handbag repair

Don't know what contaminated the lining and turned it to goo, but when it arrived and i opened it, black sticky goo stuck to my fingers.....eewww..!

only option cut it out and replace the lining.

The client chose, chocolate brown cotton sateen fabric.

 Mullberry bag mailed in to replace the magnetic clasp

pictures show reinstated clasp

Bag handles

This is a Hermes handbag, mailed in to have the strap reduced....

these are the finished pictures showing the inner and outer sides of the finished strap. owner was very happy

 Zip repair and miu miu purse clasp repair

 Mullberry handbag for re lining

what can i say, someone at some point tried to use glue to repair the bag, unfortunately as is always the case, it just destroys the fibers of the leather and looks horrid, definitely in need of a new interior.

 Prada Handle repair

This Prada handle started to spilt, so owner took along to a cobbler, to try and repair, unfortunately unsuccessfully, but we were bale to help..

 Radley Hand bag

Brought in to have the strap shortened

Biker jacket

This jacket brought in to repair main zip, tear to lining and busted seams. (the whole lining is badly damaged and needs replacing, however only repair to tear requested. (think it may be back in the future for further work.)

 Old Hide Bag

An old hide bag, a little tired and worn. all that's needed is a little TLC, completly dismantling, conditioning and re-sewing back together... lovely

 Purdey cartridge bag & gun cases

This brought in for a little TLC and to have the handles re attached on both sides.

 Anya Hindmarch Purse repair

This designer purse, suffered an ink accident. and the ink soaked right through the leather. made a bit of a mess...... but not for long

 Givenchy handbag repairs

This handbag was sent in, after a professional dry cleaner, discolured and almost ruined a valuable and very prized possession......obviously the owner was a little upset....

but not now......

 Motorcycle leathers repaired

Here's an old Hein Gericke leather jacket, the owner loves this jacket not for riding but wearing out and about, and just wanted the jacket to last a little longer, so the rotted area was removed and the stained areas refinished. the jacket finally conditioned and protected, and if looked after will last for a good while longer

 Prada handbag

this Prada handbag, was sent in with a broken loop on the shoulder strap. this meant we needed to dismantle the strap replacing the loop and re sew, (quality hardware provided but Not original makers stamped metalwork).

if you require original hardware this may be available from the bag makers, where they may repair the bag for you also.

 Handmade bespoke handbags

We was asked if we could make a handbag for a young lady; here's the request

1. for a girlie girl

2. loves cats

3. bit of a romantic

so here's what we came up with,

made from quality vegetable tanned leather hide, the new owner was delighted

 Chanel Clutch bag

A little accident with the handle of this Chanel handbag and a car boot lid....Ouch!

a couple of links damaged and the leather cut in half. fortunately we've seen it before so we were able to fix it quickly, Happy days

want to know more...?     contact us

Leather handbag repairs in Lincoln

Leather, Vinyl Repairs.............More on furniture Restoration above

Here's a few examples of the types or repair that we carry out, on a weekly basis......we're happy to just offer advice too

 Picard Leder

This handbag was sent in damaged by heavy handed airport staff, with the small leather strap that holds the handle on had broken away, so the inner lining needed to be removed, then the holding strap is re attached, lining hand sewn as it is strongest and in my opinion the stitching often looks nicer. owner delighted

 Radley Handbag, dusty Pink

This Radley handbag, was presented with bust seams, ripped edges, nasty scuffs, severe fading and ground in dirt from wear and tear..

A little TLC has given this one a few more years of useful life

 Handle repair to a Marc Jacobs bag

The leather straps  in need of replacing on a Marc Jacobs handbag

 Radley Handbag

This handbag was taken every where, and unfortunately showed he signs of being used a lot, mostly accidents by other people spilling drinks etc, fortunately we were able to remove the serious stains, and then re enhance the colour. now it looks like a loved handbag again

Mulberry Handbag

We received a call from a young lady, whom owned a cherished Handbag that had a good few life scars from being used very regularly over several years and was very badly faded. whilst away for the day her ginger tom cat decided to use the bag as a toilet... :-0
this stained the bag inside and out, left a bit of a niff. and made the leather as hard as board.

Our mission was to remove the staining (if possible), rid the nasty niff, return the bag to feeling soft and subtle again and re-colour, if not to a pinky brown then a darker brown. gulp.....quick hide pretend we're not in......No didn't work better start and try to do something with the bag then...he he

 Radley Handbag

Received this, owner would like the handles re-sewing as they were detatching from the bag, and the decorative stitching replacing if possible....

Handbag Strap repairs

We were asked to make a shoulder strap for a newly acquired handbag, obviously we couldn't supply the original strap so had a make one. here's the hide which the strap is to be cut from, then colouring the leather so it hopefully looks similar to the bag. the young owner said she was very happy with our attempt.

Leather handbag repairs in Lincoln

Here's an old Leather handbag, looking a little beat up and badly  scratched with bust stitching, and asked for it to be given a little TLC and re-colour to specified colours for a young lady.

Leather satchel repairs in Lincoln

A very old school satchel was brought to me  by the gentlemen that use it for school many years ago. it was very used and scuffed,dry and very very weak. first job was to dismantle it totally to figure out where to start. it had been sort of repaired many times before.

The lock/ latch didn't work any more and the central panel was cut, scratched and lost colour. seams were broken apart. the buckle straps had worn to the extent they had ripped, new straps had been made by someone else but didn't look right, the rear panel was like the front and was as strong as tissue paper, wouldn't even hold up its own weight.

The top flap was ripping apart due to the weight of the bag being carried by the handle

A leather support was made to take the weight from the flap when being carried, new buckles and straps made and aged. some of the rivets broke so needed to be replaced and aged. the front and back was strengthened, re-coloured and hand sewn back together

It's Often cheaper to repair than replace and

You're Not adding to the Landfill site

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