1946 Austin A10

Our client wanted to retain the aged look of this lovely old car, and save as much of the original leather as is possible, so we used a combination of conservation and restoration techniques on the original leather and re trimmed the rest. trying to give this car an old but loved look....

Honda CRV driver seat bolster repair

Asked to make a gear lever boot as original had rotted and fallen to pieces

Didn't have a lot to go on, but clients were happy
We were asked to make some new mates for a classic Beetle, would have been rude not to. 

1957 Ford Anglia

In for a bit of a trim

1969 Jenson Interceptor.

A classic in need of refurb, our brief is restore this interior, but not to make it look new, it's a classic so it need to look old but loved... 
the owner of these motorcycle boots found the labels irritating and making his leg itch, which is distracting when riding a motorcycle. we couldn't just cut them off as this would leave a sticking out stub, so we undid the stitching and removed them that way before stitching back together

 Classic car seat restoration

These seats brought in for a car being restored so it could be a show car, owner wanted the seats to look old and used but loved, he was very happy with the outcome.... happy days

 Ferrari Car Seat in for repair

what can I say, sleek, sexy and tired...... but not for long

 BMW seat restoration

 whats to say......

 Door Cards

here we have a split door card, it's not an invisible repair. but looks better

BMW Driver seat repair

here we have a nasty tear in the lower back rest. But not for long

 Jaguar car seat

Another single seat arrived for cleaning and restoration,  nothing more to say really aprt from the owner was delighted

 Audi seat repair

A passenger seat, worn and scuffed, the owner kept the interior of his car, very clean and cared for, BUT he didn't know he needed to apply a good protector. and the out come can be seen here.

 Range Rover seats

this seat showing signs of wear and tear,

 Audi upholstery repairs

This Audi is showing severe wear and tear on the driver seat, which is almost right through the epidermis, any worse and it will have ripped wide open.

client over the moon with the outcome....

Clothe seat repairs

It's not leather, but we can sometimes repair damage to clothe seats too....

 Tonneau cover

This cover has been stored whilst wet, and quickly developed severe mould, its spores sank very deep.

we deep cleaned and restored this cover now its, back with its proud owner who drives with his convertible top down and the cover on. happy days

split vinyl

This MG was re-trimmed by a previous owner, unfortunately there was a weak spot, which split, when pressure was applied it got bigger, fortunately we were able to strengthen, copy the grain pattern and colour coat..... everyone happy.....

 Mazda MX5

normal problem worn bolster

 Jaguar XK

Normal wear and tear on the seats of a nice car

 Vinyl seat repair

There are a lot of car seats out there that look like leather, feel like leather.... but in fact are actually vinyl.....

These sometimes lose the plasticizers that keep the vinyl soft and supple, when this happens the vinyl develops hard areas, these then start to crack.....

Sometimes we can't help, because once the this happens, it  just happens again..... on these occasions we have to tell the client the bad news.....fortunately this time we were able to help...

Happy days

 BMW seat repair

The bolster on both front seats showing signs of wear,

also a previous owner had tried to glue the lower seam on the rear seat with super glue, this just seriously damaged the leather fibers, Ive accidentally deleted the before pics, but you can just about make out where the repair is due to it not having any grain left as the glue destroyed it.

Harley Davidson saddle bag

Not Car Seats but worthy of a mention

These were attached to a Harley which skidded down a race track on one side, then flipped over to finish off the other side.......Ouch!

Recaro Seats

These were brought to us, by classic car enthusiast.

Recaro seats in a 1971 Opel GT

Leather car seat repairs in Lincolnshire

We have trained extensively in modern leather repair and restoration techniques, we only use industry leading products that have been tested thoroughly to ensure a quality repair that will last.

Most of our leather repair work here at Lincs repair is carried out in our customers homes at a convenient time, so that we can keep your disruption to a minimum.

Breath new life into your leather vehicle seats with our Professional deep cleaning service.

We are also able to service , door cards, and small holes in



A lovely car, in need of refinishing, the seats both, fading, scuffed, scratched and cut.


A Lovely car that purrs like a kitten but internally showing her age, the drivers seat showing the worst wear, but also on the door handles, passenger seat, rear seats and door cards n handles.

To make matte worse, someone at some point previous has tried to recolour the interior and not very well, if you look at the close up shot of the top of the drivers seat, you'll see where they have not bothered to recolour where the head rest sits, so when the head rest if raised it stands out like a sore thumb.

it took some doing, as the bodged up attempt had to be removed first as it was just peeling off..

all done now ans she is looking like someone loves her again.

Porsche Recaro seat repair

Received this leather which had been removed from a Porsche for repair by the owner, the leather is worn and damaged along the seam and a few other spots, (not easy to see in the pics but just about noticeable,) and the stitching has gone.

Once the leather was re-coloured and re-finished, all that was left to do was restitch the seams


The whole interior needed a Clean and refinish, to all seats, door cards, center consol adn dash, oh and refinish the piping around all seats.
The owner was delighted

 BMW showing a few signs of wear, a bolster on the drivers seat worn right down to the leather,a worn door handle contaminated with grease, a rip to the rear seat pad on one side and various cuts, scuffs and scratches to the other,  among others, here's a few of the pics

Classic Bentley, after 20 years of use, the leather interior front and back, were getting a little worn, cracked, quite badly faded and a little dirty, a little TLC was in order

Leather car seat repairs in Lincoln

 Here's a classic Jaguar, unfortunately as is often found the Leather seats are a little worn, dried / hard and generally looking a little sorry for its self. and wow did my fingers hurt afterwards....

Porsche Targa approx 22 yrs young, but the seats are definitely showing signs of age, both front seats, gear gaiter and hand brake in need of a little TLC

 An aging BMW seat, with some serious signs of wear....to complete this restoration we needed to remove the seat from the vehicle and strip it down......as soon as the seat was finished the delighted owner was round to collect before I had chance to photograph the fully reassembled seat, but I'm sure you can see the the difference to the seat bolster........

 The only thing that brought down the sale price of this company works van was the seats, so the owner asked us to try and make them look a little better. Vinyl sides and cloth seat pads, eventually not new looking but looking tidier. owner was happy and able to sell the van.