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Ozone treatment is a hygiene and odour eliminating process we use for Bike gear..

After a while motorcycle leathers can start to smell a little funky.....

Are your leathers getting a little ripe? 

Buying some second hand leather gear? 

Or just storing your leathers for winter, give me a call, I may be able to freshen your gear for you, one of our hygiene and odour eliminating processes is ozone treatment, which kills bacteria, mould and most nasty niffs, 

RST crash damage

Forearm stretch panel replaced with our kevlar mix material

RST Leathers

serious crash damage, panels replaced, including the lower back concertina stretch panel  
Jacket in for a new zip
in to change the yellow panels to red
jacket in for a new zip

Kevlar stretch panels replaced

Dainese jeans in a tad too tight, but not for long

2pcs Motorcycle suit

Looking a little worse for wear, just needed refinishing
Leather chaps in, needing the tassels removing
A few more patches added to a full Kevlar race suit ready for the next race

Motorcycle hopper seat made

A client arrived with a homemade metal seat pan, needing new foam to be fitted, shaped and a new cover making... Didn't turn out too bad 

Leather motorcycle trousers in for repair

These are in for the seam to be repaired and they are badly worn, we also Ozone treated them as they were starting to smell a bit funky

Cleaned and refinished

This 1 pce race suit needed a good clean including an ozone hygiene treatment and refinishing, so he could race. no problem, now looking much better clean and smelling fresh

Leathers for a wedding

These leathers are 30 yrs old from the owners youth with a lot of sentimental value, he wanted them repaired and smartened up if possible. one of the rear pockets had previously been removed and used as patch on the crotch, the side laces had broken, they were badly worn and discoloured, and he wanted some patches sewing his jacket, and he wanted to ride with his intended on his bike to the church to get married wearing these. only to pleased to help, but we needed to make a new rear pocket
New boots but can't get the leathers over them, not for long..
Young lady brought this 1 pce motorcycle suit in, it was a unisex suit and not very flattering, so i took the waist in  a little, which looked much better

Spada Jacket Zip replacement

Damage to 1 pcs after  racing slide

The arm comfort stretch panel was damaged and zip needed replacing.

Triumph motorcycle seat, knife damage

This client left her 3 week old Triumph motorcycle parked in a busy motorcycle parking bay, when  she returned she disturbed three youths wearing hoodies, who had slashed the seats to a number of other bikes in the area, stole parts off them like mirrors ect, and was sticking the knife into her seat as she arrived, they ran off when confronted, but the damage was done, due to the panel being a quality 4 way stretch vinyl, repair isn't really possible, so a new panel needed to be fitted.

Motorcycle back rest

Asked if anything could be done with this back rest, unfortunately it was dry and brittle, even the foam was crumbling, so only option was new foam, vinyl and build a new one...

We were asked to upholster this bobber style home made seat pan, with diamond design... to a max 1 1/2 inch height
A lovely Harley was dropped, fortunately the saddle bags took the worst of it, we was not able to complete an invisible repair, but we were able to make it look  a little better
The label in these boots was stiff and scratchy, so we removed it  
A pit bike suit looking a little rough around the edges..... Luckily not for long