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Deep Clean Pigment Coated Leather Furniture

Your Pigment Coated (Pigmented) leather furniture should be deep cleaned or professionally cleaned once or twice a year depending on usage and colour
Ongoing maintenance cleaning (high wear areas) in between deep cleans can be easily done with Leather Cleaner

If you have just purchased new leather furniture we strongly advise that you apply a coat of Leather Protect or Ultra Leather Protect.  This will help in resisting dirt and stains and make future cleaning much more successful. (The use of Proper protection is particularly important if your leather is white, cream or pale colour as this will help in resisting and removing dye transfer)



1. Two-tone, sauvage, and antique finishes, even on new leather can sometimes be delicate and wash off (always test product first)
2. Excessive body oils (from hair, skin etc.) may show as dark or tacky areas that mark pale when scratched. These areas should be cleaned very carefully as there is likely to be damage to the surface. If there is any sign of colour loss stop immediately and get advice



Leather Shampoo or Ultra Leather Shampoo
Leather Protect or Ultra Leather Protect
White Lint Free Cloths
Paper towel or Terry Towel



1.   Lightly vacuum or brush the surface if there is excessive dust and dirt present. This step will not normally be necessary for regular cleaning
2.   Add 4-5 squeezes of Leather Shampoo or Ultra Leather Shampoo into a bucket of warm water and using the sponge wipe down the surfaces to be cleaned, rinsing the sponge regularly.  This will introduce moisture to the surface and start the cleaning process
3.   Using the foaming bottle, apply foam to an area to be cleaned (outside arm, back cushion etc.) and allow to sit for 15 to 30 seconds or so.  The foam on its own will start to lift the dirt
4.   Then agitate gently with the sponge adding more cleaning product if required.  The size of the area you work will depend on how quickly the foam  dissipates
5.   After agitation you should lift the foam off with absorbent paper towel (or terry towels)

If the foam is  allowed to dry then any dirt that it holds will be left on the surface

When you have cleaned once, check the results and repeat the process as required
Several gentle cleans are better than one heavy scrub
It may not be necessary to clean the whole piece of furniture each time
Outside arms and backs will not get as much dirt or body contact as the seats, arms and back cushions and may only need cleaning once or twice a year
Contact areas (seats, arms and back cushions) will need cleaning more often

On white, cream or pale coloured suites if a blue/grey shading remains after several cleaning attempts read our article on Dye Transfer

After cleaning treat with 'Leather Protect' or 'Ultra Leather Protect' the industry recognized leather protectors for this type of leather