Chairs in for a colour change from worn cream to Grey

What's to say turned out nice 

Antique finish damaged

After having work carried out on their home, this damage was found when boxes where removed which were laid across it.

 A 1950's straw filled pouffee

I have fond memories of a similar pouffee  my grandmother had, I grew up sitting and playing many games on it.

this one was given to i's owners as a wedding present and has been used by their children play games as we did, such as using it as an island so they didn't touch the deadly sea that was full of sea monsters. Happy days

unfortunately it will never be like new and due to the age and condition of the leather, however we can restore it again so it can have light use and still be sat upon, however the owners just wanted this much loved piece of furniture restored so it can remain a cherished piece of furniture and still produce many more memories with their grandchildren and become a very much loved heirloom.

Clean moisturised, resewn and conditioned. clients were over the moon, and so was their children and grandchildren

Body oil contamination

Raised edges worn down, and an area on the arm rest has had body oil soak in, which has broken down the finish, colour coat and effectively stripped it off leaving a sticky patch, which just peeled off.

 Faded Aniline

Placed near a window out of direct sun light still causes Aniline leather damage, UV rays are present in all day light, not just in direct sun light although this is the where it's the strongest.

Eventually we got it back to a nice golden colour, the client wanted...

Happy days

 Moving home Disaster..!

here's another little accident to a leather sofa, that puts the dampers on  moving into your new home, But easily sorted....

Furniture repair

Here we have a G Plan leather sofa,

foot rest had bad scuff marks and the arms and headrest were suffering from body oil contamination, due to this it has suffered colour loss and had a greasy tacky feel.

fortunately we were able to remove the contamination, restore the colour coat and refinish... owner delighted

 Worn, dry and badly faded

This suite was a brown colour when new, time, wear and the daylight have ravaged it.

fortunately sometimes we can reverse this problem........

One of the main problems we hit as leather technicians, is body oil contamination, it wrecks the leathers fiber, is very difficult to remove if at all possible, and causes severe adhesion problems......

this one didn't have body oil contamination, but did have some kind of oil, possibly silicone from hand and body moisturisers.... i could not rid it, so decided to re cover instead, (we do not normally fully re-upholster due to space needed. but the owner sure was glad we changed our minds on this one.

recovered in a lovely velvet type mterial (shock horror---not leather? the disgrace of it all....!) owner so happy asked to recover foot stool and box too....


This brand new stressless chair had a table attached and it was fitted using a screw straight through the leather to the under arm area, this punctured the leather and caused compression damage.  we reinforced the hole, then filled and recoloured to hide. 

Parker Knoll

The joys of ebay;   This client bought this off a lady selling on behalf of her elderly mother, sent a courier, when it arrived they found it absolutely reeked of urine....!

The leather on the front of the seat had gone rock hard and rotted, the foam had also rotted, along with the cloth underneath.

With months or even years of being soaked, it had saturated the frame too...     even the screws holding the legs on had rusted through being contaminated......

not easy, but we replaced the rotted leather, cloth and foam, everything else was sanatized, and recolured, the frame was cleaned, sanatized and sealed, to stop any future problems. the pics explain themselves.....

 Rubbed on wall

this chair was damaged because it was pressed hard against the wall for some time and started to wear. luckily we were able to help

 Headrest contamination

The picture of two Stressless chair backs, doesn't show up very well, but just about shows head grease, shampoo and beauty product contamination,

leather is very porous once the protective coating has worn down. when this happens, anything can soak deep into the leather,

sometimes we honestly cannot get it all out, fortunately this occasion we did, then we colour coated the leather and re-finished.

The client was very happy


Busted seam

 re sewing furniture seams

here is another busted seam on a leather settee.

 Storage problems

compression damage to leather chairs, due to having something pressing against the chair for a period of time


the owner didn't know how this happened, but we were able to help

 That darn Cat..!

some cats love to sharpen their claws on leather furniture, a cute little kitty did this....

 Leather furniture repair

With the build up to Xmass we have been busy cleaning oodles of leather furniture ready for the Xmass festivities sometimes though some are just not cleanable so restoration is the only option...

the owner was delighted.....

 Slightly worn sofa

For leather repair in Lincoln

We have trained extensively in modern leather repair and restoration techniques, most of our work here at Lincs repair is carried out in our customers homes at a convenient time, so that we can keep your disruption to a minimum.

Sometimes a professional deep clean will bring up your leather sofa like new, in both looks and feel. when your leather settee needs more than a little TLC, Lincs repair can help, we use the best industry leading products to repair, re-colour and re-condition your suite, always aiming at making the repair as unnoticeable as possible, below are a few examples of our work

 Baby wipes! did this

A common problem the owner tried to clean this with baby wipes and removed the everything else!

 Moving home..!

removal men, hot day loads of heavy furniture etc, big items not fitting through small doorways....... Ooops! accidents happen.

With a little TLC the removal company was happy, but most importantly the Client was happy......

 Stressless ink removal

The owner tried to use an Inkaway product, after accidentally getting pen ink on his Stressless arm chair. unfortunately as is more often the case, not only the ik has worn down but also the surrounding colour.

picture not very clear, there is a round lighter patch on the edge were the inkaway was rubbed, fortunately the owner realised what was happening and stopped before the whole colour was rmoved.

a couple of hours work and the damage disappeared.

Restoration of a Winged easy chair

Here we have a very badly worn Winged easy chair, nearly all the colour had worn off revealing the base dyes, the arms worn all the way through, the seat pad cushion worn, dried and starting to rot. so as per request, we recovered the arms with a suitable soft smooth leather, the horrid pics lower down are of the rotting seat pad, looks horrible close up doesn't it.

We would of preferred to have replaced the seat pad cushion but it wasn't required this time round so we stabalised the panel as much as we could, without a doubt it will need to be replaced, sooner rather than later,
and lastly we coloured to chair and delivered it home.

A nasty cut to a new leather sofa

One of the grandchildren managed to cut this nearly new leather sofa, fortunately the owners googled 'leather repairs in Lincoln' and all was forgiven.. we like happy endings

Recovering a piano stool with luxury soft natural grained leather

Here we have a piano seat which has a small tear in the vinyl and some scratching, the only real answer is to have the vinyl removed and replaced with a nice characterful piece of leather.

This particular one had some lovely differing grain which showed some history of its beginings....i also added extra filling for comfort...the owners were delighted

A chesterfield again damaged by the sun fading and wear, clean, stabilise, re-colour and re-finish...Simples...

Dining suite restoration

Here we have a set of seat pads from an Oak dining set, unfortunately the sun has severely faded them, and dried the affected parts of leather so much they felt like parchment paper. first job was to deep clean the seat pads, then try to re-hydrate and condition the leather, attend to the worn patches and weak areas. then prime the pads ready to be re-coloured.

first brown colour didn't really look right so black was chosen, and the pads are shown finished. unfortunately i don't have a pic of the pads reunited with the frames but hopefully you can see the finished leather repair in Lincoln.

 Wear to a lovely 2 tone suite

A worn and faded 2 tone suite

what can we say,
looking a little tired, worn and having a few rips.
now brightened repaired and re-finished.

My dog ate my sofa!

 Leather sofa double cushion cover, slightly chewed by a naughty pooch with teeth.

a couple of hours later and it looks a little better

If you think a professional is expensive wait till you hire an amateur!

This is an expensive suite from a well known company, the owners had problems from the start with colour coming off, the company's technician came out, unfortunately the owners were still left with problems. Eventually they gave up and sought advice from a so called professional. who gave disastrous advice, which included white spirits and the application of some horrible gunk. which led to the damage below.

After a couple of hours I was unable to remove the gunk so the damaged panel needed to be removed, so more intensive work could be carried out. eventually the leather panel was returned and hand sewn back onto the settee. 

 20 + year old chesterfield suite, showing signs of its age, very thin fragile leather with rips & cracks

Here we have a lovely classic Chesterfield Suite, unfortunately wear and tear has taken its toll on all the seat pads, damaged piping, cracking, splits, sun faded and generally a little worn.......

Here is an arm chair purchased two years ago, placed in a rarely used room, reported to have been used only a couple of dozen times. all of a sudden the rear legs collapsed inwards scaring the life out of the person sitting down. 

The frame was found to have a pretty poorly build, wooden cross members stapled through and to chipboard, consequently the chipboard crumbled and collapsed.

New wooden supports were then bolted to the chipboard to support the new wooden cross members, which were glues and bolted to all sides, chair now useable again and should now last longer than the material used to cover the chair. leaving one relaxed, safe and happy customer.

We can often repair what seems like serious damage to leather sofa's & furniture, vinyl furniture and wooden furniture

Here we have an American Fruit-wood Carver chair circa 1950, which has suffered a leg that had come away, broken dowels and and most joints worked loose. Two previous repairs being evident

 All four Dowels on each front leg replaced, glued and pinned, arms removed and re-fixed and scratches and marks touched up and recolored.

Small children love to jump and bouce, but do little for your sofa. here i have already started but you can see the problem

The dreaded Puddy cat strikes again

 The springs went on both sofa's as well, this one the worst, re-sprung. No more sinking feeling

 Lazyboy chair repair

A nasty cut believed to be made by grand kids, owner tried to repair himself, not too bad a job but obvious to anyone entering the room.

after undoing most of the previous repair, we set about restoration, and the outcome turned out not too bad, all happy

Your Leather Suite was a Big Investment,

We can help you Keep it looking good and lasting longer

Why not treat your Leather suite to a Professional Deep Clean

for leather repair in Lincoln
Scratches and scuffs to leather/vinyl & wooden furniture can be very unsightly by instantly attracting your visitors gaze, we can now often apply an invisible fix, by applying an artificial grain & re-coloring technique

Repair Prices starting as low as £20.00

 We repair Leather furniture, Vinyl furniture, & wooden furniture in the Lincoln, UK area

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