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Remove Ink from Pigmented Leather Furniture (P)

Unfortunately the removal of INK from leather is not always possible, just by cleaning

A lot of Ink removal products will NOT work if the INK has been left on the leather for some time
Ink is a dye and it has re-coloured the leather (this is what it is meant to do)
The longer the ink has been on the leather the harder it will be to remove because it soaks into the finish
Once the ink has soaked into the finish you may need to use very strong products to remove it, which will also remove the colour and finish - this would then need replacing, this is then no longer a cleaning problem it becomes a restoration issue.

However if the ink has only been on the Leather for a short time it may still be possible to uplift it.


Ink remover Kit

Leather Cleaner

Leather Protection cream

Paper Towel

Ink Remover must ONLY to be used on Pigment Coated (Pigmented) Leather and must NOT be used on leathers that absorb moisture or two tone leathers 
If your leather absorbs moisture it is very unlikely that the ink can be removed, however aniline style leathers are absorbent so the ink will often carry on moving through the leather and may become less obvious over time, Cleaning and protecting on a regular basis will also help to dissipate the ink

Results will depend on the type of ink, the type of finish on the leather and how long the ink has been there

Test Ink Remover carefully in an unobtrusive area to ensure that it does not soak in and/or cause a stain on our leather
If whilst carrying out the ink removal process the leather starts to change in any way, STOP and seek  further advice.


Please read all ‘notes’ before proceeding.

After careful testing of the product and concluding that it is safe on your leather, apply some Ink Remover using the cotton bud supplied and gently massage into the area for 20-30 seconds* then gently remove the residue with a paper towel or tissue.(Be very gently do not scrub, you are seeking an almost dabbing motion trying to lift the stain)

Check the  results and repeat as necessary

If after 3 attempts the ink line has not reduced sufficiently, clean the area with Leather Shampoo and seek further advice
If the ink is reduced to your satisfaction clean the area with Leather Shampoo and then apply Ultra Leather Protect

*If the Ink Remover dissolves the ink very quickly and spreads it out into a bloom effect over a wider area clean off the residues immediately as they may stain the leather
Once you have removed the residues you can proceed with the ink removal.