How to Clean Aniline Leather



For the purpose of cleaning Aniline Leather we have included in this section all leather that absorbs moisture within a minute or so of application.

  You can test  whether your leather absorbs moisture by putting a drop of water on the surface of the leather -  if it soaks in and leaves a darker patch then you have an aniline style leather
Because these types of leathers only have light surface protection they will also absorb dirt and spillages more readily, this makes cleaning less effective because dirt will only clean off the surface of leather and not out of it

 Aniline Cleaner is the only specifically formulated cleaner designed to clean the surface of absorbent leathers - unlike other leather cleaning products (liquid detergent cleaners or foam cleaners) which would simply be quickly absorbed by the leather and have no cleaning affect at all

Excessive body oils (from hair, skin etc.) normally on head and arm contact areas will show as dark areas that will pale when scratched. It will not always be possible to clean these off and they may require special treatment beyond simple cleaning

Some Aniline Leather  will go dark when products are applied but will dry back to normal quite quickly 
It is best to test this in several places to get used to the reaction and ensure it dries without dramatic shading    Always clean a panel at a time and do not try to spot clean.

Aniline Cleaner
Leather Protection Cream
White Lint Free Cloth 
available as Aniline Cleaning Kit

Your products will have been supplied with a trigger spray for easy use 
Simply spray the Aniline Cleaner onto the leather and wipe with a white lint free cloth
After cleaning Aniline Leather should be treated with Ultra Leather Protect which will inhibit grease, dirt and body oils from being absorbed into the leather and  make subsequent cleaning easier
Spray a thin mist over the surface of your leather and even out with a white cloth
It is normal to see some colour transference onto your cloth during this stage.

Because Aniline style leather has a greater tendency to absorb stains than Protected/Pigmented leather, do not expect to  remove all the marks 
If regular maintenance cleaning and protection is carried out, any stains will blend in to the overall look of the Aniline Leather over time, by hopefully migrating to the back of the leather

Aniline Leather fades over time but colour can easily be restored to your leather using Aniline Dyes which are chemically formulated correctly for this type of leather - do not be tempted to use Aniline balms or gels which contain pigments and are not designed for this purpose.